Week of Welcome

We’ll be at the Interfaith Centre table at the Student Services fair in Convocation Mall all day on Wednesday, September 6. Drop by to say hi and learn about the programs we offer for the campus community.

Clubs Day

The second week of each semester is marked with club’s days where all university clubs install their booths to exhibit their clubs (held at Burnaby Campus and Surrey Campus only). SFU MSA’s exhibition aims to educate Muslims on campus, especially students from overseas, about the religious services and educational programs SFU MSA offers.

We’ll be at table #96 on Wednesday, September 13 and at table #10 on Thursday, September 14 from 10 AM to 3 PM. Drop by, say salaam, get to know about our upcoming events and see how you can get involved on campus with fellow Muslims.

Social Event

This is SFU MSA’s ice-breaker event usually held at the end of the first month of the semester, aimed at bringing Muslims together on campus to create a sense of community among Muslim students. It provides an appropriate atmosphere to Muslim students to socialize and make new friends on campus without having to compromise on Islamic teachings.

This semester our social will be on Friday, September 29 from 5 PM. Stay posted for more details.

Islam Awareness Week

SFU MSA’s prime event of the semester will be during the second week of October (October 9 to 13). The theme for Fall 2017 is “Foundations of Islam”. We are pleased to be hosting Hafsa Dean Thompson for they keynote seminar.

During IAW (Islam Awareness Week), SFU MSA has booths, gives away free copies of Qur’an translations and other Islamic literature. The purpose of IAW is to a) provide a comprehensible understanding of mainstream Sunni Islam; b) demystify misconceptions about Islam portrayed by the media; and c) facilitate a meaningful and productive dialogue with non-Muslims.

Drop by the booth if you: have questions about Islam, want free copies of Qur’an, and other Islamic literature or just want to chat with a Muslim.

The keynote seminar will be on Wednesday, October 11 at 5:30 PM in SSC C9000.

There will be a film screening for “Tug of War” on Friday, October 13 in room TBA. Watch the trailer here.

Knowledge Circle

The Knowledge Circle is a book club through which MSA aspires to revive and encourage the passion of reading among Muslims, exploring the literary works of distinguished Muslim scholars in the areas of humanities and social sciences.

Knowledge Circle meeting schedule for Fall 2017 is:

Please email Dostum Khan ( to request reading materials for each session.

Sister’s Speak

Sisters Speak is SFU MSA’s newly introduced series of sessions aimed at educating, empowering and connecting Muslim women. Sister’s Speak has been SFU MSA’s one of the most successful regular events. In terms of topics, the sessions conducted have been on range of subjects: domestic violence, mental health issues, women in Islam, and entrepreneurship.

Fall 2017 Sister’s Speak schedule is:

  • Mental Health with Nidha Yaqub on Saturday, September 23
  • Cake Decorating with Sadra Safraz on Saturday, October 21
  • Topic TBD with Tanweer Ebrahim on Saturday, November 18
  • Social Justice in Islam with Aisha Azba Amjee on Saturday, December 23

Stay posted for time and room info.

Islamic Lectures (Halaqa)

One of the three primary objective of SFU MSA is to provide educational programs on Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims of SFU community. The other two being to provide religious services and to create a sense of community among Muslims on campus. It is also the responsibility of SFU MSA to provide spiritual-oriented Islamic lectures on a regular basis. As such, regular lectures are held at Burnaby and Surrey campuses by local esteemed Islamic scholars.

The lecture schedule for Fall 2017 is:

Other Events

Ramadhan Iftaars

Every Ramadhan, SFU MSA hosts iftaars every Friday at Burnaby Campus for the SFU Muslim community. It aims to provide an atmosphere to overseas Muslim students, who are away from their home and families, where they can have a sense of belonging. Despite the costly free lavish array of dishes offered, SFU MSA achieved surplus in its funds during the 2017 Ramadhan due to generous sponsorships and donations!


In knowledge based societies, the predominant narratives that challenge Islamic teachings intellectually that jeopardize the faiths and put seeds of doubt in the mind of Muslims, necessitate counter Islamic narratives. As such, occasionally, SFU MSA aims to conduct conferences inviting esteemed and highly qualified Islamic scholars to address and speak on contemporary issues relating to Islam.

Annual Fundraiser

To cover the expenses of SFU MSA activities despite efficiently utilizing grants offered by SFU Student Services to the university clubs, SFU MSA conducts annual fundraiser in a local mosque (Burnaby Mosque) to raise funds, which are used to cover portion of the costs of events, especially iftaars that grants fail to cover completely.


SFU MSA considers itself a religious organization, and it shares mutual goals and objectives with other Muslim organizations. Thus, it is imperative to call for collaboration with other organizations to work for common goals. SFU MSA has collaborated with the following organizations: BCMA (one of the largest organizations in North America), Al-Ihsan Institute (of Mufti Aasim), Muslim Food Bank, UBC MSA, MAC Center and ICNA. In future, SFU MSA hopes and plans to collaborate with different local Muslim organizations to achieve its goals of educating Muslims and creating a network of Muslims.

Past Events

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