• Friday Prayer at Burnaby Campus: EDB Gym @ 1 PM every Friday (except holidays)
  • Friday Prayer at Surrey Campus: SRYE 1005 @ 12:30 PM every Friday (except holidays)
  • United Islam Awareness Week: January 20-24 (SFU Burnaby)
    • Da’wah Booth: 10 AM to 5 PM (North AQ)
    • Lectures: 6 to 8 PM
  • Fundraiser: Sat., Feb. 15 @ Afghan Chopan (Surrey)

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War Zones

By : Rabia Siddiqui I lie In the field Ready to die Not out of weaknessBut to defend my own  In the depths of the night My wounds bleed with my eyes Praying for peace As the bombs fly Striding tall to hide the weakArmour, guns, weapons and allWalking with my heart so small Suppressed are those feeling that deem me … Continue reading War Zones

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